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The Red Apple Childcare Center & Preschool is located in Bettendorf, Iowa--a city along the Mississippi River and in the Quad Cities.

(2 years of age)
Toddlers are busy two-year-olds who are encouraged to explore and learn through interaction.  There are fun things to watch, touch, and do. Our toddler teachers listen and talk with each child and try to adjust to each child's individual needs. Since children learn through playing and self-exploration, we provide a wide variety of activities.  Early educational skills are taught using art and music.  Language, independent skills and potty-trained develop during this age. Toddlers must be potty-trained before advancing to the Preschool (3-year-old) classroom and qualifying for Preschool tuition rates. 
Teamwork and consistency is a key when potty-training our toddlers.  We will help by coordinating your ways with our daily programs when you decide your child is ready (most children begin at approximately 2 years of age).  When you decide, we ask that you supply at least two complete changes of clothing (socks also),. enough disposable diapers/pull-ups and/or underwear with plastic pants for your child each day your child attends.  If your child has just begun to potty-train, he or she may still wear a diaper at rest time.  Our goal is to have our toddlers potty-trained by the time they enter the preschool classroom (approximately 3 years of age).

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"Toddlers are busy two-year-olds who are encouraged to explore and learn through interaction."


Rest Periods
 Children have a had a busy morning involved in exciting, educational, and fun activities. Therefore, your child needs rest.  The State of Iowa requires a supervised nap or rest period/quite time for children under the age of 6 years, not enrolled in school, who are present for five or more hours.  We provide the cot and sheets, and it is asked that each child bring in their own small pillow and blanket.  If needed, your child may bring a favorite blanket or sleep toy from home. 

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